A thoroughly biased review.

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

‘The truth is out there, though it is not yet universally acknowledged’


How I came to love ‘Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens’.

As an editor out to launch a Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Horror imprint, I began with very serious intentions. I considered weighty matters such as a possible manifesto stating the particular values I was looking to promote, or consideration of a particular sub-genre I wanted to encourage, a writing style to follow.

Then I met Jonathan Pinnock.

And that all went out the window.

A ‘mash-up’, he proposed: Elizabeth Darcy, Wickham, Sir Humphrey Davey, tentacles, fallen women (one of them headless), Byron, Glastonbury, an airship, and let’s not forget a cameo by a certain lady hack-writer. (There’s so much more, I’d love to describe the pivotal role played by Colin the Pigeon, I just don’t have room.)

I had my doubts. Surely ‘Pride and Prejudice’ had been Zombied? Also, as an English teacher, I had a certain loyalty to Miss Austen, her prose style and wonderful characters.

Then Jonathan told me he’d created a serialised version on his blog that people an enjoyed, and that this was a totally original sequel to the ‘real’ events of P&P.

So I read the MS. And I started laughing. I continued to laugh, once nearly choking to death! (Yes, Jonathan Pinnock nearly killed me!) This was just the most hilarious story I’d ever read.

But this was not just ‘three jokes a page’ humour. The concept was so outrageous and yet beautifully fits the Austenesque world of Regency Britain.

The narrative style drives us on into an adventure that sees Mrs Darcy confront a very alien threat to everything she holds dear. And I’m really only just scratching the surface here. Jonathan’s writing is fresh and finely balanced, his story is structured like a time-piece. Within this outrageous adventure the characters remain real, and the reader cannot but help care for them. And Pinnock does not shy away from some of the social  truths underpinning Austen’s world – there’s a profound episode that explores the largely unseen subject of slavery.

Mrs Darcy is a beautifully assertive heroine, Wickham is transformed into a roguish James Bond figure, Mr Darcy is a revelation, Mr Collins is at his most obsequious and Lady Catherine de Bourgh shows herself to be a woman of many layers.

During the editing process, I never stopped laughing at scenes I had gone over several times. As the MS was passed to different people, they proved just as enthusiastic as we were. At every turn we’ve had very positive responses, and now the books is on sale and being promoted by WHSmith, and of course available at Amazon. (We’d love you to review it.)

It, like the truth, is out there, and we need you to acknowledge it. Already at 54 in Smith’s top 100 ( after only one day of sales), we need you to buy it.

Yes, I’m biased, but it is a book worth buying. It’s a book people will talk about. It is FUN!

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