The Launch!

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

You’ll have to forgive the rushed nature of this blog because I’m about to set out on the journey to Fantasycon. But it has been a longer journey to get us here – the official launch of ProximaBooks. It has been a truly epic month. First, Jonathan Pinnock’s ‘Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens was released in paperback and is still available from WHSmith and Waterstones. Then the first episode of Niall Boyce’s e-serial, ‘Veronica Britton – Chronic Detective’ was released on Kindle, and only yesterday Renee Harrell’s e-novel also appeared on Amazon.  And today, the final piece slots into place; Charles Christian’s paperback collection of short stories ‘This is the Quickest Way Down’ arrived and will be available to buy at Fantasycon.

So, if you’re attending Fantasycon tomorrow morning, please come to our launch in the Bar Rogue, starting at 10 am. Jonathan Pinnock, Charles Christian and Niall Boyce will be in the same room at the same time! Also there will be R.B. Harkess, whose YA Sci-Fi Adventure, ‘Aphrodite’s Dawn’, will be out with us nearer Christmas. Finally, I’ll also be there to read an extract from ‘Aly’s Luck” because Renee and Harrell, ctually a husband and wife writing team, can’t quite make the journey from Arizona to Brighton!

For potential readers who can’t make it themselves, I’ll be blogging about each book in detail later this month, but if you’re curious, have a look at Amazon, some of these books are only just over one pound sterling or less than a $, so if you feel the urge to buy: please do!


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