Two Dark Books for the Long Night

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Two new e-books come from Proxima this month and, it being November, they have a very dark tone.

‘Hikikomori’ by Lawrence Pearce is a modern and challenging story exploring alienation, isolation, and ‘madness’. There are elements of Polanski, Palahniuk and ‘American Psycho’ in this. A hikikomori is defined in Japanese culture as the phenomenon of people who have chosen to withdraw from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement. Lawrence takes this basic situation and introduces a supernatural element, combined with a very clever use of structure, and delivers an incredible ‘pay-off’ at the novella’s climax. Here Lawrence Pearce shows his writing experience, previously writing and directing the cult horror film ‘Night Junkies’  to produce an intense, erotic and disturbing psychological story which sucks the reader into the worlds of his protagonists.

 ‘Aleera: Tainted Blood’ is the creation of a young writer, Joseph Mead who is in his early twenties and first conceived of his succubus heroine when he was only sixteen. Recently I caught the American series ‘Lost Girl’ based on a similar premise, and while it shares many of the same features, the show cannot match the intensity of Joseph’s story and main protagonist. Joseph’s Aleera is a very attractive character, full of contradictory energies, brimming with sexuality and violence. She is in her late teenage years, but has experienced a deeply traumatic and abusive existence at the hands of her succubus mother and ruthless demonic father. While she attempts to make a ‘normal’ life in New York, she is surrounded by magical conspiracies and becomes involved to catch a serial killer, before he catches her.

On the way to a devastating conclusion, she becomes involved in a three-way mutual attraction which threatens to become a full-blown sexual relationship, and she struggles to come to terms with her own sadistic enjoyment in hurting, torturing and killing her enemies.

A great read by a young writer who has a long successful career ahead of him.


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