Two new adventures from Proxima

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Uncategorized


‘Aphrodite’s Dawn’ by R.B. Harkess is a real adventure for Proxima Books. This is a our first YA e-novel designed for everyone who is a young reader at heart. Originally I had no intention of producing an e-book for a younger readership, but the quality of Harkess’ writing won me over in the first chapter. His outline was exciting enough, and he later told me it came as a flash of inspiration whilst on holiday in Wiltshire, it was written in two days. The rest of the family were not impressed with the timing of this. The concept of ‘Aphrodite’s Dawn’ is clearly classic sci-fi, but Harkess’ writing is aimed at a young twenty-first century audience;

Garret’s world is six floors tall by five hundred people wide, and he despairs of ever being happy. When a voice in his head offers the young man an escape from his boring life, he has no idea how apparently being offered everything he could want or need might change him. With his best friend Pitr in tow Garret seizes the opportunity, and their universe is thrown into confusion when they are told they are on an asteroid-sized sleeper-ship. The asteroid’s computer has been damaged, and cannot control the engines to deliver them to their new home. Garret is asked to take a message to the other end of the world. This is just the beginning of their quest, a journey which will take them through cities and forests, finding a powerful ally in the form of the beautiful Alyssa, and deadly enemies dedicated to stopping Garret, at any cost.

And so begins an ancient tale of a boy becoming a man, a hero’s journey across a through a decaying  hollow asteroid, where the stakes could not be higher. It is a truly epic tale, written in a fast exciting style.

Niall Boyce’s new Veronica Britton episode is no less ambitious. ‘The Last Londoner’ continues the time-adventures of his wonderful heroine and her, increasingly intimate, time-sensitive partner Gabrielle. Boyce expands the scale of Veronica’s new case so that it ranges from the ancient beginnings of London, to an apocalyptic far future. With the help of K, an agent who has his own date with destiny, Veronica and Gabrielle race against their most deadly foes to find a truly immortal figure. To say any more would be spoilers, suffice to say, any story that has Giant Ironclads chasing our heroes across a ruined future London has to be worth a read.

So, two new releases for 2012 – and lots more to come. Next month, Proxima 2.0 will be revealed. Keep watching the net!


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