Proxima re-launch 16th November 2012: Watch this space!

Posted: October 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

As promised back in March, Proxima 2.0 is re-launching as primarily a print publisher, on the 16th November. Emboldened by our parent company (Salt) reaching the Booker shortlist, we’re releasing not one, but two novels. Joseph D’Lacey’s “Blood Fugue”, described by Don Roff as “265 blood-soaked pages of fevered frenzy”, is joined by the full novelisation of N.P. Boyce’s “Veronica Britton: Chronic Detective” (part of which was published in episodic e-format last year – but now we give you the complete story with a truly epic ending) of which Tania Hershman said, “Here we have historical fiction meets science fiction meets fantasy with a dash of philosophy and a sprinkling of feminism.”

I’ll blog about the writing and editing of these very different books in the coming weeks, but you can already pre-order both books here and here, and save 25% off the RRP!


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