‘Mrs Darcy versus The Aliens’ by Jonathan Pinnock

A year or two into her marriage, Elizabeth Darcy has much on her mind: she has still not produced an heir to Mr Darcy, there are preparations to be made for the Pemberly summer ball and her youngest sister Lydia has been abducted by aliens. As Regency England sleepwalks toward tentacled oblivion, will she be able to reunite with her old foe Wickham and put a stop to their evil plans? Mrs Darcy Versus the Aliens is probably the most unconventional sequel to a Jane Austen novel ever written and is certainly the funniest.

Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens is probably the strangest and most refreshing Austen sequel I’ve read in a while. (Kelly Yanke Deltener examiner.com )

This book is much funnier than the original, and it has more monsters. I laughed like a mentalist. (Scott Pack )

Available from Sept 2011 in print and e-book form. Launches at Fantasycon.

  1. “Well I do declare, Elizabeth, you’ve not changed the teeniest bit in all these years my dear.” (Phoebe Spec-Saver)

    Here’s wishing Jonathan Pinnock and Proximabooks every success with Mrs Darcy verses the Aliens.

  2. Why thank you, Mr Windsor-Smith! (And do congratulate your fellow Windsors on a jolly entertaining show today.)

  3. jenthom72 says:

    Well done Jonathan, on being nominated for the Guardian’s Not the Booker prize https://www.writers-online.co.uk/News/Writing_Magazine_subscriber_longlisted_for_The_Guardian's_Not_the_Booker_prize
    Awards voted by readers are worth a thousand times the ones voted by stuffy judges.

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